Us Even on a winter's day...

The local village of Eastbourne may be small, but it has a nice pub, a great Indian restaurant, Chinese takeaways, sunny cafes, a gelato store, a famous butcher, and loads of design stores and galleries

Eastbourne The bustling metropolis of Eastbourne

The beautiful Butterfly Creek hiking trail runs directly up the hill behind the house. There are well maintained and accessible paths, as well as more adventurous options.

Butterfly-creek Butterfly creek is just behind the house

The Bays of Eastbourne - great for swimming, fishing, kayaking...

Days-bay Days bay, fine dining and fine bathing
Rona-bay The beach in front of Eastbourne village

And of course there's Wellington. Get there by car (30 minutes), bus or ferry from Days Bay (20 minutes), the capital is just a great little town.

Wellington Wellington, across the harbour